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Let’s Talk About Your Brain! – your questions answered by Dr. Salinas on Sep 27th 2022

Dr. Joel Salinas, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Isaac Health, will be featured in a speaker event organized by Ellen Belk of Keep in Mind. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about dementia diagnosis and treatment!

The online speaker event will be held on LinkedIn on Sept. 27th 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM EST and is part of a weekly 7-minute speaker series. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to sign up here: 

About Isaac Health

Isaac Health is a convenient online service that allows specialist doctors to effectively assess and treat mild to severe memory loss, including Alzheimer’s and other dementias. All our clinical services are based on the gold standard of medical care, covered by most insurance, and you can meet with a doctor within 24-48 hours (compared to the industry standard of 6 – 12 months). 

With its team of licensed doctors and therapists, Isaac Health offers cognitive assessments, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, medication management, cognitive therapy, ongoing care and monitoring, risk assessment and reduction, and assistance with caregiver resources, advanced care planning, and psychosocial support. 

Isaac Health is currently available in Florida, New York, and North Carolina.

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