Brain health and cognitive care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s assessment, treatment, and cognitive therapy online

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Treat your brain to something special today

Covered by almost every form of insurance, including Medicare/ Medicaid*

*Excludes performance and prevention program (see pricing here).

How Isaac works

1 Introduction session

An initial session with your care coordinator to orient you and get to know you

2 Meet the care team

Virtual visits with a doctor, psychologist and potentially a few diagnostic tests


3 Ongoing management

Cognitive therapy or medication, combined with other interventions guided by our doctors

Brain health & prevention

  • Medical consultation
  • Risk assessment and medical consultation
  • Evidence-based memory training
  • Monitoring of cognitive function
  • Care team access and advice


  • Medical consultation
  • Cognitive assessment

  • Full diagnostics

  • Treatment planning

  • Care team access and advice

Treatment & management

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Ongoing cognitive assessments
  • Medical consultations
  • Prescriptions

  • Care team access and advice

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Don’t take our word for it

John B.

Everyone concerned about Alzheimer's should definitely use them. I really enjoyed the program and learnt so much. Everyone was very friendly.

Dot B.

I am finding the suggestions of Kelly very helpful in trying to improve my memory. I feel I can memorize a certain amount of information by linking it to some other object. If however the items to be memorized are a lot, then it seems overwhelming.

Geraldine W.

I was referred to Isaac by my doctor after complaining of memory lapses. After an assessment, a few tests and seeing a telehealth doctor I have now started treatment

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