How it works

We offer:

  • Prevention/delay of memory and cognitive decline
  • Assessment for cognitive conditions
  • Management/monitoring of cognitive conditions, including dementia

Who is Isaac Health for?

Isaac Health makes high-quality brain health, cognitive, and dementia care easy and convenient for everyone. Our online services best serve two types of people wherever they’re at in their brain health journey:

You are noticing changes in your memory or other cognitive functions (like your ability to communicate, learn and process information quickly, focus your attention, think clearly, or solve complex problems).
Learn more about diagnosis or treatment of dementia.

You want to keep their brain as healthy as possible for as long as possible, even if you don’t feel like you’re having any major memory or thinking issues today.
Learn more about the prevention of dementia.

 We also never forget about caregivers, loved ones, and family. We know that you are a vital part of the equation. We aim to support you and your needs along the way.

It’s easy.
Get professional neurological and neuropsychological care and assessments from the comfort of your home

It’s proven.
Based on the latest memory and cognitive science and the gold standard of clinical care, using a combination of medication and non-drug approaches, depending on an individual’s needs.

It’s affordable.
In most cases, Isaac Health is covered by insurance (including Medicare). We even do the health insurance legwork, so you don’t have to.

It’s instant.
No wait times – start today

Why Choose Isaac Health?

What is different about Isaac?

While a traditional memory clinic focuses on diagnosis, we also focus on everything before and after. We work with your existing providers to give specialist neurology input:

Current typical journey

(emphasis on diagnosis only)


Primary care, with limited focus on memory / neuropsy-chological care


Primary care tentative diagnosis or referral or memory clinic in specialist hospital

Monitoring and treatment

Sporadic follow-up if feasible

Isaac Health

(emphasis on prevention and specialist monitoring and treatment)

Memory screening self-tests

Detailed neurocognitive assessment by neurologist and health care assistant

Prevention memory counseling with optimization of genetic, lifestyle and medical risk factors

Memory games and engagement to build cognitive reserve

Regular neuropsychological evaluations and memory coaching

Full diagnostic workup - without the wait

Specialist dementia care management

Regular brain doctor check-ins

Regular brain health evaluations

Cognitive therapy and memory coaching

Medication therapy, if indicated


Research has shown that almost half of dementia cases are potentially preventable by addressing known risk factors. These include both general health factors, environmental factors, medication, and mental activity. At we will guide you to identify the risk factors most relevant to you and help you address them. We will also help you boost cognitive function through memory training and coaching. In isolated cases, certain medications may be indicated to control risk factors or boost cognitive function.

While there is a pipeline of potential medications to slow disease progression, there is currently limited medical treatment available. However, there are a few classes of drugs available to slow cognitive decline. See our section on treatment for details. In addition, cognitive interventions, such as cognitive stimulation therapy, has been shown in many cases to be as effective as medications in slowing cognitive decline, building cognitive reserve, and developing compensatory techniques to support living with cognitive decline.  Finally, addressing risk factors and maintaining a high level of social and brain activity are the great ways to protect yourself.

Our diagnosis and treatment programs are covered by many forms of insurance. Our prevention program unfortunately is not.

Our care team consists of Neurologists, other brain health doctors, psychologists, speech-language therapists, memory coaches and care coordinators.

While in many cases a family physician or neurologist may have sent you our way, you are welcome to sign up without a referral

Please see our membership plans for full details. Our prevention program is available from $89 per month, while the diagnosis and treatment programs are often covered by insurance.

Our prevention program is available everywhere. The diagnosis and treatment programs are available currently in Florida, North Carolina, and New York. We will be adding additional States soon.

We chose the name “Isaac Health” because it reminds us of three things:  one of the most influential brains in human history (Sir Isaac Newton), the longest-lived Biblical figure (Isaac, who lived to 180 years old), and that he name “Isaac” literally means “one who laughs or rejoices”. Our name represents what we ultimately hope to achieve for the people we serve through our mission to promote and preserve brain health:  a long, fulfilling life with many moments of genius and joy.

Your question is not covered here? Please contact us.