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Research has shown that almost half of dementia cases are potentially preventable by addressing known risk factors. These include both general health factors, environmental factors, medication, and mental activity. At we will guide you to identify the risk factors most relevant to you and help you address them. We will also help you boost cognitive function through memory training and coaching. In isolated cases, certain medications may be indicated to control risk factors or boost cognitive function.

While there is a pipeline of potential medications to slow disease progression, there is currently limited medical treatment available. However, there are a few classes of drugs available to slow cognitive decline. See our section on treatment for details. In addition, cognitive interventions, such as cognitive stimulation therapy, has been shown in many cases to be as effective as medications in slowing cognitive decline, building cognitive reserve, and developing compensatory techniques to support living with cognitive decline.  Finally, addressing risk factors and maintaining a high level of social and brain activity are the great ways to protect yourself.

Our diagnosis and treatment programs are covered by many forms of insurance. See our section on network coverage for details. For pricing without insurance coverage, see our packages

Our care team consists of neurologists, other brain health doctors, psychologists, speech-language therapists, memory coaches, and care navigators.

While in many cases your health plan, health system, family physician, or neurologist may have sent you our way, you are welcome to sign up without a referral

If your have health insurance, most of our services will be covered under the terms and conditions of your policy. For prices without health insurance, please see our packages.

Isaac Health offers full services in New York, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, Maryland, California, and Pennsylvania.

Individual services are also available in other states. Please call us for additional information.

We chose the name “Isaac Health” because it reminds us of three things:  One of the most influential brains in human history (Sir Isaac Newton), one of the longest-lived biblical figures (Isaac, who lived to 180 years old), and the name “Isaac” literally means “one who laughs or rejoices”. Our name represents what we ultimately hope to achieve for the people we serve through our mission to promote and preserve brain health:  a long, fulfilling life with many moments of genius and joy.

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