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Isaac Health’s Dementia Disease Management Program Validated by the Validation Institute, Showing Significant Savings

New York, June 12th 2023 — Isaac Health (, a pioneering healthcare technology company for brain health, is proud to announce that the Validation Institute ( has independently validated the efficacy of its comprehensive innovative Dementia Disease Management Program. The program demonstrated remarkable results in reducing healthcare utilization and costs associated with dementia care. Key findings from the recently published report indicate a substantial 38% reduction in emergency department (ED) visits, a 28% decrease in hospital days, and an overall 22% reduction in the total cost of care.

The Validation Institute, an independent organization dedicated to improving the quality and value of healthcare, rigorously examined the impact of Isaac Health’s Dementia Disease Management Program. By assessing real-world data from numerous healthcare providers and their patients, the review confirmed the program’s effectiveness in reducing the burden on healthcare systems. Isaac Health’s program empowers individuals to proactively manage their brain health and remain as independent as possible – for as long as possible – by providing patients with tailored care plans, equipping them and their caregivers with the necessary tools for managing their specific health needs, and helping them compensate for any cognitive impairments.

“We are thrilled to receive validation from the Validation Institute, which has a respected track record of critically reviewing trailblazing programs in healthcare. These findings truly affirm the transformative impact of our Dementia Disease Management Program,” said Dr. Julius Bruch, CEO of Isaac Health. Dr. Joel Salinas, behavioral neurologist and Chief Medical Officer, noted: “We are committed to continuing our mission of providing innovative and evidence-based solutions that enhance the well-being of individuals with dementia and their families.”

“Validation Institute is committed to helping healthcare purchasers cut through the crowded and confusing healthcare marketing claims being made and to make it easier for employers to identify high-quality, value-based, and cost-conscious solution providers. We confidently stand behind this Savings validation with our own $25,000 Financial Credibility Guarantee.” said Benny DiCecca, Validation Institute CEO & President.

The Validation Institute’s results of Isaac Health’s Dementia Disease Management Program solidifies its position as a leader in the field of dementia care and reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering sustainable and value-based healthcare solutions.

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About Isaac Health

Isaac Health ( is a virtual and in-home clinical service for dementia and other brain health conditions. Isaac Health partners with health systems and payers for screening, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care management at a population scale. Developed by leading neurological specialists, Isaac Health’s proprietary care model is evidence-based and comprehensive, including services like medication management, cognitive rehabilitation, counseling, and psychosocial support. All of Isaac Health’s clinical services are in line with the gold standard of medical care, covered by insurance, and allow for fast access to specialists within days, not months.

About the Validation Institute

The Validation Institute ( is an independent organization committed to improving healthcare value and quality. By utilizing rigorous, unbiased methodologies, the institute evaluates the effectiveness of healthcare programs, technologies, and services to provide valuable insights and guidance to both providers and purchasers of healthcare.

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