has put together a series of websites to help caregivers navigate the journey of caring for the loved ones:

Advance Care Planning

Learn about financial and health care planning, including advance directives.

Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Learn how to respond to changes in communication and behavior, provide everyday care, and get help when needed.

Alzheimer’s Disease Publications

Explore free publications from NIA on Alzheimer’s and related dementias, caregiving, and healthy aging. Also available in Spanish.

Long-Term Care

Find out about different types of long-term care and how to pay for them.

ACL Dementia Fact Sheet: Improving Care for Family Members (PDF, 1.11 MB)

View this fact sheet about getting an accurate diagnosis, caring for your family member, and taking steps to improve your family member’s dementia care.

Eldercare Locator

Use this free public service by searching online or calling toll-free to get connected to services in your community.

Living Well With Dementia in the Community (PDF, 3.19 MB)

Use the information on resources and support in this easy-to-read brochure.

Find the basics about long-term care, insurance coverage, and the types of considerations to be made.

Planning for Dementia

Read about long-term care, medical and legal documents, and specific challenges.

Caregiving Information From CDC

Learn about caregivers in the United States, the impact of providing care, and how to develop a care plan. Also available in Spanish.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Health Topic on MedlinePlus

Read about the responsibilities of caregiving and avenues for getting help, and find links to information on specific care topics. Also available in Spanish.

NINDS Dementia Publications

Get free publications from NINDS on dementia. Also available in Spanish.

Geriatrics and Extended Care

Read about dementia care, caregiver/family resources, safety and other concerns, and frequently asked questions.

VA Caregiver Support Programs

Find a support line, caregiver support coordinator, programs specific to caregivers of veterans, and other resources such as self-care activities and tips and tools.

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