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Press Release: Isaac Health launches affordable, convenient specialist memory clinic services at home

NEW YORK – Beginning June 6 in the states of Florida, North Carolina and New York, Isaac Health will start accepting patients for the clinical diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care of mild cognitive impairment and dementia. And, if you want to do whatever you can to “dementia-proof” your brain, they offer specialized brain health services focused on lifelong dementia risk reduction and keeping your brain functioning at its peak performance for as long as possible.

Isaac Health is an emerging innovative care delivery platform offering specialist cognitive and dementia clinical care. Guided by best-practice neurological care, services are delivered virtually through telehealth and includes offerings of medical treatment, cognitive therapy, tailored cognitive assessments, and comprehensive psychosocial support for caregivers of persons with dementia. Services are covered by most forms of insurance.

Your patients’ Isaac Health experience will be under the medical leadership of Joel Salinas, MD, a Harvard-trained Cognitive-Behavioral Neurologist with over 15 years of experience caring for patients with neurodegenerative conditions. Dr. Salinas grew up in Miami, Florida, and has made it his ambition to improve the quality of specialist dementia care available, and make it accessible to the people who need it most and who otherwise might never get the specialist care they need for their brains–the most valuable and most vulnerable part of our body as we age. Dr. Salinas says, “I can’t wait to help people in my home state of Florida and beyond. Our communities are desperate to finally have easy, affordable access to high quality specialist care for these conditions. Virtually everyone’s lives have been touched by dementia, and our families have been waiting for too long.”

According to research, roughly one in three seniors in the US will develop dementia as they continue to age yet 61% of them will remain undiagnosed. And, although the majority of this care currently takes place in primary care clinics, 90% of primary care physicians report that they are not comfortable managing mild cognitive impairment and dementia. If you want to be seen by one of the few specialists available with the training and expertise to provide this care, mostly concentrated in large urban academic medical centers, you’ll likely need to wait as long as 6 to 12 months. If you’re in the earliest stages of dementia, by the time you see the specialist you may have already lost some of your independence due to this devastating condition.

Isaac Health was created to make specialist care recommended by the American Academy of Neurology’s clinical guidelines accessible to all without long wait times, providing the best care for your brain possible when you need it most.


Anyone looking for better brain care for themselves or for their loved ones can register themselves at for a free initial consultation — or ask their primary care provider for a referral.


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