Assessments for Leqembi (lecanemab)

Isaac Health offers a comprehensive suite of services to assess patients for treatment with monoclonal antibody treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, including
with Leqembi. Isaac Health can serve as a one-stop solution for your treatment

To speak with one of our care coordinators about being assessed for Leqembi treatment, please book a time here:


If you are not covered by health insurance, we charge the following fees as part of the treatment process:

Service Private pay price – please ask regarding your insurance coverage Expected number required
Initial visit $225.00 1
Neuropsychological testing $120.00 1
Review board meeting $150.00 2
Neurology review $249.00 5
Interim review $199.00 3
Care coordination fee, per month (if you’d like us to handle bookings and coordination of care) $120.00 20

Alternatively, all services can be included in a discounted package price of $4500 for an 18 month treatment course.

In addition, you can expect the following approx. fees from external services (we just pass these through, exact prices vary by location):

ServicePrivate pay price – please ask regarding your insurance coverageExpected number required
MRI scan with ARIA sequence$1,373.006
MRI-FDGPET / CT-FDGPET scan$4,637.001
Fluoroscopic-guided Lumbar Puncture$2,548.001
Leqembi drug$1,104.1736
Infusion service$1,000.0036
CSF lab test$500.001
APOE genetic test$125.001
Standard lab tests$1,000.001

Please contact us for any questions or give us a call: (888) 818-2059

You may also see our FAQ page on Leqembi.

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