Easy Access to the New GUIDE Model for ACOs

What is the GUDE Model?

An 8-year payment model pilot funded by CMS to improve dementia care

Open to all traditional Medicare Patients

Launches July 2024

How Isaac Health Helps you meet (and go beyound) the minimum requirments for your members*:

Issac provides the required elements:

24/7 support line

Respite services

Caregiver support

  • Skill training, coaching, education
  • Connections to community-based providers

Care Management

  • Psychosocial determinants of health
  • care navigation and coordination
  • Advance care planning and care transitions

Plus additional evidenced based specialist services

Medical Services where required, covered by Medicare:

  • Specialist-guided evaluation, incl. accurate determination of disease status required for RAF from 2024
  • Specialist-guided medical treatment
  • Non-drug therapies, such as cognitive rehabilitation

Additional non-medical services covered complimentary as part of the GUIDE Package:

  • Patient compensatory skills training
  • Social support and companionship services,incl. caregiver app
  • In-home facilitation of visits

How we create value for your ACO*

Benefits for ACOs working with Isaac Health for GUIDE

Better Patient Experience
Better Value
No implementation burden

Proven results

Read Our New Validated Saving Report

Clinically effective


of patients with improved neurocognitive health over the course of 6 months

Immediate impact


of patients in cognitive rehab therapy report improvement against their cognitive goals in only 3 weeks

High Value


reduction in ED visits and hospital days for patients with dementia

Sustained engagement


of patients are still engaged after 6 months

Key contacts

Julius Bruch, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Joel Salinas, MD, MBA, MSc, FAAN

Chief Medical Officer

Sean Zhao, FSA

Senior Advisor

Chris Bowers

Senior Advisor

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