The Isaac brain health and memory training program

Did you know that

  • Around 40% of dementia cases may be prevented or delayed?
  • 1 in 3 older adults will develop dementia during their life?
  • Studies have shown that targeted cognitive training can have a significant impact on memory and thinking 10 years down the line?

The risk factors of dementia

  • Over 40% of dementia cases are potentially preventable by addressing risk factors
  • 18% of cases are still preventable in later life

Cognitive training is effective

The ACTIVE study and other research have concluded that cognitive and memory training has a significant long term impact on improving cognition and activities of daily living.

In the ACTIVE study, 10 sessions of memory, reasoning or speed training were administered. The impact on cognition and activities of daily living was significant even 10 years later (with boosters).

The Isaac Health brain health and memory training program is based on the ACTIVE study protocol, enhanced with additional knowledge gained since.

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